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Classic Film Asks! (Don't repost, feel free to add your own!)

The Princess Bride:
What's your favorite story(book, movie, or show)?
Singin' in the Rain:
Are you a positive person?
The Shop Around the Corner:
What's your opinion on letter writing?
It Happened One Night:
You're going on a crazy trip across the country. Who do you take?
Gone With the Wind:
What's something difficult you've had to overcome?
Top Hat:
Do you like to dance? Can you?
What's your philosophy on love?
It's a Wonderful Life:
What are you most thankful for?
Some Like It Hot:
Who is your best friend?
The Wizard of Oz:
Where have you always wanted to travel?
On the Waterfront:
What's the biggest secret you've ever kept?
The Artist:
Do you want to go into the film industry?
12 Angry Men:
Ever had a fantastically memorable argument?
My Fair Lady:
What's the biggest personal/emotional change you've through?
Raiders of the Lost Ark:
What did you want to be as a kid?
True Grit:
What's your opinion on revenge?
Star Wars:
What's your relationship with your parents?
The Graduate:
What's a guilty pleasure of yours?

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